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CSR strategy

The call for (large) corporations to demonstrate how they contribute to society is heard louder and more often. Corporate enterprises can no longer turn their backs and pretend not to hear. Not only for moral reasons but especially for commercial ones. Stakeholders are becoming increasingly critical and want to know how you contribute to society.
They expect organisations to accept their social responsibility, whether it’s about your organisation’s objectives, the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs), or about the organisation’s values and how they contribute to a better world. This means that you need to have an open mind about what is happening around you.
It also requires a certain type of leadership. You will have to actively take part in the public debate – about an inclusive society, the climate, equal rights, you name it. Stakeholders will confront you on these issues and expect you to take a stand on these and other social issues.

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Stefan Pack Account Director Corporate Affairs

License to operate

Hague brings the outside world in. We show you what stakeholders think about your organisation and what is important to them. When this has been investigated, we help you to refine your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and start implementing it based on a concrete plan. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, from (re)defining your story, purpose, or core values, to formulating a stakeholder approach.
In this day and age, social responsibility has become a permanent part of the so-called ‘license to operate’. Organisations that don’t care about stakeholders and their interests will find themselves outstripped by their competitors who do.

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