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Stakeholder management

The days when organisations could blindly focus on their own goals are long past. Every company, organisation, or government has to deal with the outside world: an eclectic mix of organisations, individuals, and authorities with overlapping or conflicting interests. 
If you want to respond properly to the opportunities and risks coming from the outside world, you need to know what’s going on, you have to meet with key stakeholders and regularly evaluate your strategic relationship with those stakeholders. What motivates key figures and decision makers who influence other people’s opinions about you, including those of politicians, civil servants, social organisations, and your peers? With stakeholder management, Hague helps you keep a grip on this complex world.

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Peter ter Horst Managing Partner Public Affairs

Demanding stakeholders

You undoubtedly take time to reflect on how your organisation responds to what is happening in our society, but so do your stakeholders. They are looking for certainty, authenticity, and connection. Surveys also show that transparency, ethics, objectivity, and honesty are aspects that stakeholders value and are increasingly demanding. At the same time, a growing number of organisations – especially businesses – are required to actively demonstrate their perspective on social affairs by, e.g., joining the public debate and showing how they contribute to society.

Shared interests

Consequently, your organisation needs to consider implementing an effective stakeholder management strategy, which is often part of your lobbying activities. Hague can help you to start this discussion with your stakeholders. We explore leads and identify shared interests and risks that may harm your reputation. We find out what motivates your stakeholders, what they really think of you, and what you should do – or shouldn’t do – to turn them into allies.
Hague will investigate possible coalitions and opportunities and, together, we will take action to convince stakeholders.

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Public affairs case

After 100 years, convention and exhibition centre Jaarbeurs wants to renovate its current location in Utrecht.


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