It used to be so straightforward. Cars ran on petrol, electricity was produced with coal, and factories were fuelled with natural gas. This world no longer exists.

Is your organisation facing new challenges around the Green Deal and the energy transition to Net Zero? Do you want to influence the political agenda and meet the requirements of the Fit for 55 targets? Our advisors are happy to help you.

The Paris Climate Agreement and its implementation in the Netherlands forces us to counter further global warming and reduce CO2 emissions to zero. All organisations that earn their money in the energy industry need to reinvent themselves. It requires us to build much of our society anew. The political question is: how do we change that system fairly and without disruptions? And how do we balance all the interests involved?

In order to limit the consequences of climate change, the transition should take giant leaps instead of baby steps. Reinventing our energy system under this intense time pressure will have significant effects on society, industry, and our lifestyle. At the same time, this transition offers vast new opportunities to smart players who manage to let go of ingrained ideas. It made Elon Musk the success story he has become.

Energy transition as an opportunity

The energy transition to a Net Zero society presents both challenges and opportunities for organisations. Reducing CO2 emissions can only be achieved when we find a broad political and social consensus, which means a highly complex balancing act for the stakeholders in the energy industry. If they want to be part of the future energy landscape, suppliers and distributors will have to adapt their business model. It also requires long-term political vision, which is a real challenge in the volatile media-driven world with elections happening every four years.

Energy expertise

We are very pleased to have been part of this highly complex playing field for many years now. Hague has established several collaborative partnerships in the energy industry, advising on the Green Deal, the road to Net Zero, and meeting the requirements of the Fit for 55 targets. We advise grid operators, producers, industry organisations, and start-ups. We have gained specific expertise in the area of energy and climate, and we can rely on a broad network of important decision makers in The Hague and Brussels. 

To ensure impact in the energy transition, you need to have insight into the complexity and technical details of the energy transition and know how to tell your story well. Successful change can only be achieved when people get on board – both stakeholders and policy makers. 

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