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Not that long ago, sustainability was seen as a minor issue. A chapter in the annual report to add a bit of ‘green washing’ to the company’s image, in addition to the only thing that really mattered: the financial results. Those days are gone.

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Sustainability is much more than a buzzword and no longer the exclusive domain of a few prophetic CEOs. Society demands it and governments enforce it. Companies are increasingly scrutinised when it comes to their social impact. That is why the transition to the ‘impact-economy’ has become one of the main themes for the coming years. When companies and organisations really want to take part, sustainability must be embedded in everything they do.
We see many companies working hard on that. We are entering a world in which human activities fit within the natural, ecological limitations of our planet. This also requires a coordinated approach that transcends political, economic, and social dimensions.
National and European institutions have put the demand for sustainable operational practices higher on the agenda and this has had a major impact on how companies and organisations do business. Over the coming years, this development will only accelerate – and this will not only affect the interests of many companies but also offer unprecedented opportunities for new, sustainable revenue models.
Hague can support you and your business. We help you gain in-depth knowledge and improve regulations. We offer advice on how to adjust to the rising sustainability standards and communicate your performance and dilemmas to stakeholders – without ‘greenwashing’, because no organisation gets away with that these days. Whether it concerns agri-tech, food, energy, health, or technology – we help you to stay ahead of the game with the right mix of communication, stakeholder approach, and political lobbying strategy.

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