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Communication strategy

Your business plan, a new direction, or policies can only really come to life with a smart communication strategy. To achieve its goals, a successful organisation enters into an active dialogue with all its stakeholders to put them into action at the right moment.
Hague helps you find the right strategy, whether you want to position your organisation, strengthen your reputation, manage an issue in the media, or ensure consensus when change is necessary.

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Stefan Pack Account Director Corporate Affairs

Hitting the right note

In addition to looking at your organisational goals, we also pay attention to what’s going on in society. We take sentiments into account when structuring a communication matrix that will help you reach your stakeholders. Your objective is to establish a sustainable relationship with your stakeholders and to increase your mutual understanding about what connects you.
Implementation makes or breaks a good communication strategy. Some of the elements that must be considered are scheduling, the use of your communication matrix, and a comprehensive value proposition.
At Hague, we are specialists in developing an excellent communication strategy. We don’t compile hefty documents that nobody will ever read. Today’s developments are moving too fast for that. We do create a convincing story, with the right message, the desired direction, or goal to get stakeholders on board at the right time.

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