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Policy Advisor to member of the European Parliament
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Leiden University

Stefan Pack

Stefan is an Account Director at Hague who advises his clients daily on public affairs and corporate communication. He is happy to be part of a team wherein authenticity, valuable knowledge and sincere client dedication produce exceptional results.

Stefan moved from Brussels to The Hague to work at Hague Corporate Affairs as he found something unique here. Hague is not limited by conventions or expectations, which is exactly what our clients expect from us.

In essence, corporate affairs is influencing with broad and lasting impact. There are several roads that lead to Rome. Stefan walks them all together with our clients’ enterprising attitude. He is convinced that the client’s situation can improve from a continuous evaluation of political-social developments. Strategies need to be adapted sometimes on a daily basis with thorough knowledge from the stakeholder field. Honest and personal advice creates mutual appreciation and valuable relationships.

Stefan loves the political game, the thorough understanding of social power, and working on creative solutions to help his clients. All of this gives him energy to continue making great strides everyday. He has a special interest in technology, both personal and from his time in the European Parliament. He uses his experiences from that political arena on a daily basis for his various clients at Hague.


Stefan was previously a policy advisor for a Dutch politician in the European Parliament where he focused on European initiatives concerning the digital economy. He worked on initiatives in the field of e-commerce, copyright, an open internet and a modern telecom market. He also worked on international trade agreements, foreign affairs and human rights.

Stefan is also a lawyer. He studied Constitutional and Administrative Law, European Union Studies and English Language and Culture at Leiden University. Currently he is board member of the Business Club of the Dutch political party D66.