Crisis management

When a crisis hits, it’s all hands on deck. How does your organisation respond to the intense pressure of unexpected media attention that may harm your reputation? Hague helps organizations and their managers in the event of a crisis or issue with the right crisis communication strategy.

There is one basic rule: do not panic. Hague creates an oasis of calm in a hectic environment. First, we look for relevant facts and responsibilities. As the ‘outsider’, we ask the questions that the organization often does not ask itself. This information is the basis for clear crisis management and communication.

When things really go wrong, it is reassuring to feel confident that you can rely on advisers who know the ropes. Experienced advisers who can de-escalate the situation and know the next step to take.

Peter ter Horst - Partner

"During crisis situations, Hague creates calmness and clarity in a hectic environment."

Why Hague as your crisis management agency

Hague Corporate Affairs is a full-service consultancy firm with offices in Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, and Paris. We offer our clients a strategy and action in the areas of public affairs and corporate communication. We help you tell your story and enhance your reputation. We offer advice on your influencing strategy in the political arena, with your stakeholders, and in the media. Our advisers have expert and substantive knowledge, are involved with our clients, and enjoy going the extra mile. We will do everything to bring your organisation closer to achieving its goals. Feel free to contact us so we can get to know each other.

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What the hack!

Crisis management during a cyber attack. Prevent reputational damage with adequate crisis management.

Crisis management track record

Hague has supported many companies and organisations during crisis situations caused by negative publicity, product recalls, conflicts between executives, or fraud.