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Corporate PR

Today’s fragmented media landscape has made traditional public relations as important as it is complicated. We successfully bring your story across the stage with a good corporate PR strategy.
You are an excellent player within your market but too few people know about it. Perhaps you want to enhance your brand recognition among your stakeholders because they are not yet familiar with you. This is where corporate PR can be an excellent tool.
Writing and distributing press releases, pitching interviews, and opinion articles is still effective when this is done with in-depth knowledge and a great network. But corporate PR goes beyond that – – it contributes to your reputation, sales, and company culture. It also boosts your credibility. After all, it’s about the story you want to tell.

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Stefan Pack Account Director Corporate Affairs

What does your audience want

Corporate PR is not the same thing as the Good News Show, as some journalists still like to think. It is the story that sets you apart and that your stakeholders want to hear. It’s story that the media want to publish because it’s newsworthy.
Hague tailors your message to suit any medium. Hague knows the media world inside out. It is where our people learned the ropes or worked as journalists for many years. They have a nose for news and know exactly how to separate major and minor issues. In short, they know the media landscape, the rules of the game, and the players.
It is no longer enough to use a scattergun approach, hoping that some editor will pick up your message. We look for new ways to make your story relevant – to the point, powerful, and visually attractive. And when necessary, we convey a deeper story that offers surprising insights.

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Corporate communication case

How the Jaarbeurs Utrecht managed to get its master plan embraced by the city.


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