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Corporate story

A good story always finds avid listeners. That will never change. Stories that inspire and are easy to retell.
A corporate story tells your story. A story that is real and comes to life. A story to inspire others, which is precisely the reason why it is easily told.
It is the story that will get your stakeholders on board; from employees to clients and from suppliers to investors. They like to identify themselves with you. It is the compass which points to your future, anchored in the past and looking at what your organisation wants to become.

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Peter ter Horst Managing Partner Public Affairs

The power of your story

The function and power of the corporate story is often underestimated. But the main reason why stakeholders choose to embark on a journey with you, is based on their feeling of affinity with you. The deciding factor is not your qualifications or the quality of what you supply. They want to know how they can relate to you – are you sympathetic, credible and trustworthy? In short: are you authentic? In today’s dynamic environment, these qualities are what people value most.
Successful corporate brands have known this for a long time. People don’t necessarily buy the product; they are looking for the experience and appearance created around the brand.
Hague helps you find and tell your story. We listen to what’s going on within your organisation and in the outside world. After that, we link this to a logical communication strategy: from the message to the deployment of the right channels. Hague helps you bring your story to the world successfully so that people will be moved.

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Corporate communication case

How the Jaarbeurs Utrecht managed to get its master plan embraced by the city.


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