Corporate Story

Having a story is key. You are invisible without a story. He who tells a good story, captivates his audience. Everyone has an authentic story. Hague is looking for the DNA of your organisation — what makes you tick? — And turns it into an appealing and accurate corporate story in word and image.

The corporate story is the basis for all communication. It sets the tone. That’s why we speak with the people who make your company what it is first: from the doorman to the CEO. Because the corporate story connects your employees with each other and with the common goal. The story explains strategic choices in the past, present and in the future. Once you have the story about who you are, you can logically see how marketing communication, corporate communication, internal and even crisis communication are related.

“Without a story you are invisible”

Example: the demand for Nutrilon

A clear story can also prevent reputational damage