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Food is more than what we eat. It is also a political issue because the way we grow and produce, process, and consume food is going through revolutionary changes. This revolution needs to drive public policy.

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If we want to feed over 10 billion people by 2050, then we need to do something about our huge impact on the environment, the air and soil, as well as water consumption. Processes must be cleaner, more economical, more efficient, and healthier.
There are major interests at stake here: farmers and banks, food producers and growers, scientists and consumers, executives and large retailers. Every single party who has, up to now, successfully put our planet’s produce on our plates, needs to change. And, as ever, where existing interests are challenged, conflicts and issues arise. When this happens, Hague wants to look for solutions and offer advice on the best way to align the company’s interests with societal interests.
Like our clients, at Hague we believe that innovation and technology will play a key role in the production of healthy food while reducing our environmental impact. This is what very smart and dedicated people are working on every day. The high-tech horticultural sector, for example, is crucial for the global food supply as plant-based food can help mankind to reduce its impact on the environment. We are optimistic about the opportunities here in the Netherlands, where experienced companies can play a leading role in this transition. Our position is ideal thanks to our sophisticated scientific and production infrastructure together with new innovations in the agricultural industry.
If necessary, we at Hague make the first move – which is why Hague started the European Plant-Based Food Alliance in Brussels. We now have a wide range of associated food producers and the sector is able to take the lead and influence the debate on plant-based food within the EU.

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