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Technological and digital innovations have an impact on every aspect of life. Our challenge is to create consensus within society and design the right legal framework to bring your innovations into the world where they can work for everyone.

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The key to much of today’s technological progress is powerful hardware, data analyses, and artificial intelligence. Yet, it is chiefly human ambition and vision that will help to address social challenges: from healthcare to energy management, and from labour organisation to mobility. And, while digitisation connects people, ideas, and services like never before, it also creates new challenges when it comes to privacy, security, and even democracy.
You want to be sure that your ideas are heard in the political and social debates that affect your licence to operate. Policy makers often find it hard to keep pace with today’s innovations and this can cause friction. Therefore, you will have to actively contribute to the opinion-forming process to create social and legal embedding. Luckily, you are not alone in your attempts to move forward, and you also have something to offer to society.
Hague has advised many companies that rely or focus on technology. From food delivery platforms or online consultations with healthcare providers, to telecom companies, hardware manufacturers, and software builders. After all, those who are at the forefront experience a bit more headwind.
We find the sweet spot between your goals and those of your stakeholders, and assist you to communicate them to your audience convincingly and strategically. We work closely with industries, public institutions, civil society, and the academic world to create essential support. We join hands with policy makers to formulate legislation that will help your organisation move forward. This is how we anchor your vision and ambition in society.

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