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Media monitoring

We are living in a media-driven world. News flows move rapidly and expand. Staying up to date and separating major from minor issues can easily become a fulltime job. Still, you want to know what is going on within your industry and what might affect your organisation. With media monitoring you are always up to date and you can develop the right media strategy.

It may be hard to keep up with the changing media landscape, but it also offers new opportunities. Both decision makers and influencers often make use of social media channels as well as newspapers, TV shows, and podcasts. By timing news cleverly and framing it properly, organisations can shift general opinion about an issue or an organisation. With our media monitoring service, we can tell you to what and how you may have to respond.

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Stefan Pack Account Director Corporate Affairs

Media monitoring

Hague offers insight and meaning. With Hague monitoring, you will always know what you need to know and your strategy will be continuously updated with the right information. This can come from formal sources, from our informal contact network, and in a local, national, and European context. We also offer interpretation and custom-tailored advice to the flow of information.

Influencing opportunities

Old and new media channels can also provide your organisation with opportunities to influence policies or the prevailing opinion. However, this does mean you have to be up to date on the latest developments in the media landscape and/or the political arena. You also need to develop a suitable media strategy.

Your reputation

Reputations are not entirely built online, but they can be destroyed online. A single intervention can determine whether stakeholders endorse you and become ambassadors for life, or turn the entire online community against you. When your company is in the spotlight, you want to know exactly what people are saying about you. A proactive media strategy allows you to control this. And, if you are suddenly confronted with unexpected events, we can advise you on crisis communication.

Why Hague monitoring?

  • Media monitoring – and, if desired, complemented with political monitoring and stakeholder monitoring – in one package
  • Clear reports that include sources and explanations
  • Every morning, once a week, or directly in your mailbox
  • Exactly according to your wishes and organisation-specific
  • Specialist analyses based on political and social expertise

Choose your package

Configure your personalised monitoring package according to your specific needs. The package rates are per month unless indicated otherwise.

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