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Business and financial services providers need to work continuously on their reliability. Stakeholders have become increasingly demanding when it comes to their position and contribution to society and how they communicate their commitments.
Despite stricter laws and regulations, incidents such as exorbitant executive compensation or fraud scandals always get extensive news coverage. It goes without saying that the financial sector is facing major challenges, be it new laws and regulations, stricter supervision, demanding stakeholders, or digital transitions. These are all big issues that financial institutions are struggling with.

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That’s why trust building is a core issue for all business services providers. In addition, the call to contribute to broader social issues is being heard more often and louder. These issues include promoting a more inclusive workforce, implementing SDGs, and the energy transition, to name just a few. However, the fact that the sector is at the heart of working towards the transition to a sustainable society and digital economy is often not recognised and acknowledged by stakeholders.
Hague advises and supports business and financial services providers that want to realise these major transitions. We do this based on our various fields of expertise. For example, when the organisation’s image is too defensive, or when it would be wise to establish coalitions with like-minded companies. Another example involves getting stakeholder support when the organisation wants to move in a different direction. We also advise organisations about how and when to best communicate their message.

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How the Jaarbeurs Utrecht managed to get its master plan embraced by the city.

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