We offer complete support for our clients. We strengthen their position, reputation, and contact with politicians and stakeholders. To achieve this, we prefer to take an integrated approach to public affairs and corporate communication.

Only by deploying all the tools at our disposal and working closely with our clients can we achieve optimal results; creating a strong strategy that is seamlessly implemented in The Hague, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.

Public affairs & lobbying

Public affairs is the art of influencing the decision-making process in political and stakeholder arenas. It’s not a power play, it’s an interactive dialogue. Hague helps you find allies with your authentic, promising story in order to increase your influence.

Corporate communication

Hague helps organisations find and tell their stories. We want to hear what drives you and we listen to what matters to your target audiences and the media. Then, we build a connection with a crystal clear, creative communication strategy.

Crisis management

When a crisis hits, it’s all hands on deck. How does your organisation respond to the intense pressure of unexpected media attention that may harm your reputation? For many years, Hague has offered strong communications support to executives, companies, and organisations during crisis situations.

Unique approach

Strategy and implementation are closely linked, and you need both to be effective. That’s why Hague offers a comprehensive approach. We are a candid sparring partner for all our clients, joining forces to create a strong strategy and solid implementation. We like taking action.

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