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Reputation management

Hague helps you to establish, protect, and strengthen your reputation. This starts with choosing the right positioning for your organisation based on your values, vision, and mission.
Every organisation has to deal with stakeholders. They may have an opinion about your organisation, about how you operate, and/or about your product. They can also strengthen or harm your reputation. How do they influence what you do? Who shares your interests and who most certainly doesn’t? Which parties can become your coalition partners and how can that be achieved? With reputation management your organisation will be well prepared for the future.

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Stefan Pack Account Director Corporate Affairs


Hague helps you to build a bridge between your organisation and stakeholders, either via media channels or otherwise. To do this, expectations must be managed with the objective of increasing mutual understanding and achieving goals. As Confucius said: ‘Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.’
Organisations with strong reputations are more likely to attract customers who want to buy their products, talented employees, suppliers who are happy to deliver resources, and investors willing to invest.


As in any other relationship, reputation is all about trust: stakeholders trust in your organisation, its management, your product, and your employees. It can take years to build up that trust – and it can be destroyed in a matter of hours.
By effectively partnering with our clients, Hague finds the right strategies to strengthen your reputation management. This partially relies on communication, partially on behaviour. After all, your credibility is not just about what you say, it is mostly about what you do.

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