Reputation management

Hague Corporate Affairs helps you to establish, protect and strengthen your reputation. It all starts with choosing the right positioning, based on the values, vision and mission of your organisation.

In partnership with our clients, Hague actively looks for ways to improve your reputation as well as preemptively recognising the risks that threaten it.

Every organisation has to deal with stakeholders. The list of stakeholders differs per organisation and per issue, but is often considerable: your own employees, your customers, the media, the government, politics, NGOs and scientific community are often involved. They have an opinion about you, about your actions and about your product. They can help or hinder. They can strengthen or damage your reputation – these are all reasons to enter into a dialogue with your stakeholders.

It’s important that the views of your stakeholders are clearly mapped out. You must know and understand them. What do they think? How do they view your company or organisation? What is their influence? With whom do you share interests, and with whom do you not? With which parties can you make coalitions and what is needed for those coalitions?


Enhance your reputation

Hague Corporate Affairs answers these questions. Before we take any action in corporation with our client, we make an extensive stakeholder analysis. We study the positions of your stakeholders, discuss them with you and, on the basis of in-depth interviews with the people who matter, we map out all the interests. We offer you the X-ray of the outside world whereby you can coordinate your strategy.

On the basis of a good stakeholder analysis, you can determine which parties you want to work with, which position is most likely to influence policy and when, for example it’s useful, to tell your story in the media or through your own campaign.

Hague Corporate Affairs is known for our clear presentation in word and image. An infographic or animation often says more than a document. We support you in all phases of this process: from stakeholder research and analysis to strategy and execution.