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Crisis protocol

When things really go wrong, it is reassuring to feel confident that you can rely on advisers who know the ropes. Experienced advisers who can de-escalate the situation and know the next step to take, by creating a crisis protocol. 
For many years, Hague has offered strong communications support to executives, companies, and organisations during crisis situations. Every crisis protocol is different, but we have developed our own unique and effective approach based on our extensive experience.

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Stefan Pack Account Director Corporate Affairs


First of all, prevention is the best cure. Before a crisis even occurs, we investigate the risks and issues that could lead to a crisis. We prepare the management by discussing scenarios and offering (media) training, we compile a crisis manual, and identify your target audiences.


Should a crisis occur, we advise your organisation on how to communicate with the media and other stakeholders. We support the management in formulating the core message, prepare press releases and Q&A sessions, and monitor news coverage and reactions. If necessary, we can act as a spokesperson.


After the crisis has been resolved, we evaluate. The focus is on what can be learned from what happened and how to do better next time. The lessons learned form the basis for improving your processes and messages. All this information will be implemented in the crisis manual via training sessions and in the communication with stakeholders. With the important goal of restoring their trust in your organisation.
Hague creates an oasis of calm in a hectic environment. First, we look for relevant facts and responsibilities. As the ‘outsider’, we ask the questions that the organization often does not ask itself. This information is the basis for clear crisis management and communication.

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