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Lobbying strategy

If lobbying is the art of influencing, lobbying strategy is the pencil sketch of the artwork. It is an aspect of every lobbying trajectory that should not be underestimated. The clearer the outlines of the preliminary sketch, the better the painting.

We help your organisation establish your strategy, your personal sketch. What are your goals? Which stakeholders are political allies or adversaries? Which message is mostly likely to be successful and how can you use your knowledge to help politicians make progress? What is the best time to lobby? We summarise the answers to these questions in an insightful lobbying strategy. The more concrete the strategy, the greater chance of success.

Do you have questions?

Vincent is happy to help.

Vincent Nieuwelink Founding Partner Public Affairs

Clear lobbying goals

Formulating a clear goal is perhaps the hardest part. So many companies and organisations are struggling with their missions. The experienced advisers at Hague have already supported many organisations in the political arena of The Hague. We help you formulate feasible lobbying goals that will really get your organisation moving forward.

Strategy and action

The advisers at Hague like to take action and get results. We monitor policy developments, analyse stakeholders’ viewpoints, create powerful stories, write opinion pieces, and convince stakeholders. New insights and changing situations require continuous refining of the strategy. As your partner in Brussels and The Hague, we advise you daily so you can achieve your lobbying goals.

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