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Lobby training

What is the goal of your lobbying activities? Who are your allies and adversaries? How do you influence these stakeholders? And even more importantly: with what means and messages? These are all essential questions when setting up a successful lobbying plan.
The Hague Academy training team, who are all veterans in the Public Affairs world, will help you establish a lobbying plan for a specific issue in just one day. Our lobbying training will include all of the critical elements: from strategy and an overview of stakeholders to a lobbying tool kit and action plan.  You will gain insight into how you can set up an effective lobby.

Do you have questions?

Peter is happy to help.

Peter ter Horst Managing Partner Public Affairs

Tailor-made training programmes

Hague provides you with a tailor-made training programme. During our preparatory meeting, we discuss why you need to reassess your lobbying activities and which goals you want to achieve. We will conduct our own investigation into the key shareholders, current affairs, and the relevant developments in your industry and politics. All the information gathered will then be used as a starting point for your training.
During the training session, which can be one-on-one or with several of your colleagues, we dive into the world of lobbying and we show you how to set up an effective lobby. In this way we combine theory and our extensive successful lobbying experience with your current situation.
The result: you will have gained more than just some additional insight into how you can lobby effectively. You will get a clear step-by-step plan for your lobbying activities that you can start working on instantly and strategically.

What does the training include?

  • Lobbying according to Hague
  • Formulating your lobbying goal
  • Identifying allies, adversaries, and their viewpoints
  • The lobbying tool kit: monitoring, key messages, (visual) communication
  • Action plan & timeline

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