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Stakeholder analysis

What does the outside world think about what’s important to you? What are their views and opinions? And what do stakeholders think of your organisation and your story? This is what we investigate when conducting a stakeholder analysis.

You can only influence your stakeholders effectively when you know their viewpoints and goals. Industry associations, competitors, politicians, and civil servants all have their own agendas. Are you aware of these agendas and how they affect your field? When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your stakeholders?

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Vincent Nieuwelink Founding Partner Public Affairs

Conflicting interests

With a stakeholder analysis, Hague first identifies your stakeholders, and we look beyond the usual suspects. We analyse their positions on the areas you are working on or are involved in, and we generate a clear overview. This way you’ll know exactly which chess pieces should be moved in the battle between conflicting societal interests.

Insight into your reputation

If necessary, we will have an in-depth conversation with your stakeholders to learn more about their actual position and what they think about your organisation. As neutral outsiders, we can offer an honest analysis of their opinions.
We interview key figures and decision makers who can influence other people’s opinions about you. We find out what motivates them, what they really think of you, and what you should do – or shouldn’t do – to turn them into allies. This is how every effective lobbying process starts.

The Hague approach

Hague Corporate Affairs is a full-service consultancy firm with offices in Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, and Paris. In the areas of public affairs and corporate communication, we offer our clients a strategy and action . We help you tell your story and enhance your reputation. Besides that, we offer advice on your influencing strategy in the political arena, with your stakeholders, and in the media. Our advisers have expert and substantive knowledge, are involved with our clients, and enjoy going the extra mile. We will do everything to bring your organisation closer to achieving its goals. Feel free to contact us so we can get to know each other.

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Public affairs case

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