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Political intelligence, a powerful story, strong arguments, and a tight network; these are the building blocks we offer for your European lobby strategy in Brussels.
Legislative and regulatory developments at EU level transcend political ambitions. They have a tangible impact on your company. One of the preconditions for effective corporate governance and company planning is anticipating political developments and making sure that your interests are properly represented.
With European public affairs, you can anticipate the policy developments and influence the political agenda of European institutions. An effective European lobby can have significant and concrete effects on your organisation, your industry, and society in general.

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Hague builds bridges between your industry-specific expertise and public policy. We create an authentic and valid story to build alliances and effectively promote your interests with relevant decision makers at the European level.
We support companies and organisations with political and industry-specific information, which we acquire through our well-established network in Brussels. We identify relevant stakeholders who can influence decision makers and assess their positions when it comes to building effective alliances. Furthermore, we offer strategic advice and support when you need to define your goals relating to public affairs and your lobbying strategy.
We make sure that you will get the opportunity to communicate your ambitions with maximum impact by arranging meetings with relevant decision makers. If necessary, we can carry out your public affairs activities on behalf of your organisation and – based on your interests – we add structure to policy developments at the national and European level.

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Public affairs case

How Lapinus got a grip on European regulations – and gained clients.

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