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EU subsidies

Hague Corporate Affairs helps you find the right angle to use EU funding options that will boost your organisation’s ambitions.
Research and innovation are the driving forces behind strengthening Europe’s competitive position. Although Europe performs well in the areas of research and knowledge, it could do more to ensure that innovative solutions make it to the market. The options for EU subsidies are a however real labyrinth to navigate.

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Research EU funding

Hague offers organisations a full-service package for EU subsidies options, such as the Horizon Europe stimulus fund and the European Innovation Fund. We anticipate the possible opportunities for EU funding before they are published, identify and assess relevant proposal submission requests, and ensure that your proposal is prepared effectively from start to finish.
Moreover, we support organisations in setting up strong and powerful consortia. We identify relevant collaborative partners to work on a successful proposal. Thanks to our internal expertise and proven track record in combining EU-funded projects, you can benefit from existing and future opportunities.
Hague also participates in EU funding projects by providing services in the area of corporate communication and public affairs. We believe that interesting and accessible scientific communication can close the gap between society, scientists, and industries – making your goals easier to achieve.

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How Hague helps the Academy to build a strong and influential voice in Brussels


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