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Haagsche Courant


For (inter)national newspapers

Peter ter Horst

Peter ter Horst is Managing Partner of Hague Corporate Affairs.

For Peter, the goal of all communication is to get people on your side. To motivate them into action or to cultivate an understanding on your position. To improve and share your story and to make allies in your mission and strategy. For your staff, readers, viewers, stakeholders or politicians who have to make decisions that affect you.

People will join your side if you have a credible, compelling story to tell. The modeling and propagating of that convincing story is a craft which Peter has trained for his whole life.

Peter has the firm conviction that Hague has to be more than all the other communication agencies that roll out formats – wherever and whenever. The time of obligatory PR stunts and empty slogans is over. The general public is more critical now and they want to hear stories that are authentic and touching.


Through Hague, Peter helps companies, organisations, administrators and communication professionals from national and international allure to find and tell their unique story, increasingly through their own channels. He challenges his clients to think beyond the apparent security of the core message carved in stone, and to delve into the reality of the listener. He helps them release any illusions of infallibility, and openly communicate about their dilemmas in a complex world. Peter believes that those who dare to share their dilemmas, touch the mind and the heart.