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Media training

The media is a powerful force for getting your message out there. It offers opportunities but also risks. How should you answer journalists’ hard-hitting questions? How to reach your audience with a convincing message in straightforward language? 
Traditional media is now more fragmented than ever, and social media has made journalists of us all. This situation demands new communication skills, for companies and organisations, as well as for their figureheads: CEOs, executives, politicians, spokespersons, and communication managers. They must be able to look at things from a journalist’s perspective and, more importantly, put themselves in their audience’s shoes.

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Alex Klein Account Director Public Affairs

Hone your message

The media training offered by Hague will answer these questions and we make sure you’re ready for on camera and printed interviews. While honing your message is a key aspect, it must be done without losing sight of who you are; the story has to fit you like a glove.
The media training sessions offered by Hague are not run-of-the-mill. As a corporate affairs firm, we not only have expert knowledge about media but also about the world of public affairs. Honing and practising your core message is just part of what we do. We offer our input on your media strategy and make sure that you get all the support you need.

What does the training include?

  • We explain how the media and journalists work
  • We discuss the ‘outside world’s’ need for information
  • We refine your story
  • We offer functional frameworks
  • We show you how to stay in the driver’s seat when communicating with the media

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Media training track record

Hague offers media training sessions for the CEOs, executives, spokespeople, and communication managers of many organisations.

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