Chief Executive Officer
Hague Corporate Affairs


Senior Consultant
Meines & Partners


University of Groningen

Vincent Nieuwelink

Vincent Nieuwelink is Chief Executive Officer of Hague Corporate Affairs. Vincent sees corporate affairs as a profession with many facets and without restrictive divisions with other disciplines, such as public relations, corporate communication, public affairs and lobbying.

Vincent Nieuwelink is a public affairs and communication senior specialist. Vincent believes in an integrated approach. He manages issues, strengthens reputations, creates stakeholder networks and improves external relations for the benefit of organisations and consortia.

Company interests were previously represented behind the scenes, but that no longer stands. The influence from organisations is becoming increasingly transparent, and the political and classical media are just two of the many discussion partners. For our clients, he develops an influencing strategy for their stakeholders, from consumers to action groups, and from politicians to civil servants and journalists. In this way, organisations get a better grip on the outside world by entering into, listening and influencing the conversation with their stakeholders in a structured way. He works on complex political dossiers for clients from the Netherlands and abroad, including Basic-Fit, Oracle, and Kindred.


Vincent is a political historian who studied in Groningen, Cambridge and The Hague. He specialised in Peace and Safety at the Clingendael Institute and the Dutch Defence Academy. After his period as a researcher at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he worked at a renowned lobby office in The Hague. There, as a senior consultant, he worked together with former foreign minister Bernard Bot.