Crisis communication

Over the years, Hague has already assisted many organizations in crisis situations. Administrative conflicts, integrity issues, serious accidents, legal issues with reputational risk and collisions with ministers and parliament. Ours experience has taught us that there is no blueprint for crisis communication. Every crisis has its own unique character and requires its own approach.


There is one basic rule: do not panic. Hague brings peace in a hectic environment. We first look for the relevant facts and responsibilities. As the ‘outsider’, we ask the questions that the organization often does not ask itself. This information is the basis for clear core messages and Q & A’s, which can be adjusted as the crisis develops, and spread through media and social channels. Informing your employees and stakeholders is essential: after all, they are your ambassadors.

Hague Crisis Protocol

Hague Corporate Affairs has its own crisis protocol. When a situation tends to get out of control, it helps to hold on to a well-considered step-by-step procedure. Of course, every crisis is different. Only a standard procedure is far from sufficient to adequately defuse a crisis. We have very experienced people who offer customization services in crisis management. Call Hague Corporate Affairs: +31 (0) 70 – 240 0832.