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A European supplier of shared mobility contacted us with an interesting case. They were not active in the Netherlands yet but saw there was a lot of potential growth in many Dutch cities. The question: help us build a network of stakeholders at local governments and make sure that those stakeholders can make decisions based on ‘best practices’ in other countries.

Focus on local

Many public affairs agencies focus on politics in The Hague (NL) and Brussels (on EU-level) but have only limited knowledge of the dynamics at local governments. Hague does have this expertise and features an extensive network with local aldermen, councillors, and civil servants. For our client, we arranged over 15 conversations with important stakeholders in the first three months. In these conversations, we wanted to understand their points of view about shared mobility but also share our client’s knowledge about the best ways to successfully deploy shared mobility.

Sharing knowledge

Furthermore, we wrote two position papers which included unique information for  Dutch civil servants, with information based on other European countries where our client is active. We organised individual meetings, round tables and created media attention when our client was launching in Dutch cities. Our client changed in a short period of time from an unknown provider of shared mobility to an authorative party, that local governments approach by themselves to gain insights or knowledge about shared mobility.

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