The digitalisation of our society is spreading fast, and along with it is our vulnerability to cyber threats. EclecticIQ is a European pioneer and frontrunner in cyber-threat intelligence technology and research. The company is on a mission to put cybersecurity on top of the mind of governments, businesses and citizens alike. EclecticIQ calls for a coordinated approach across the European Union (EU) and its member states. Their goal is clear: reinforcing the sovereignty and resilience of EU nations.

Cybersecurity on top of all minds

Not a day goes by without a cyberattack targeting public services (e.g., hospitals, municipalities), companies or individuals. Ransomware, phishing, and malware attacks are getting increased attention worldwide and are widely feared, as a breach can have serious ramifications. Whilst vigilance has increased; the implementation of cybersecurity, threat prevention, analysis, and response mechanisms are still lagging globally. The first step is naturally to reduce the knowledge gap between perpetrators and victims by increasing the general awareness surrounding cybersecurity issues, whilst highlighting existing practical solutions in place to support organizations and individuals.

Increasing (online) visibility

To do so, Hague worked closely with EclecticIQ to convey its expert vision on cybersecurity matters and leverage it in its corporate messaging across channels. This was instrumental in increasing the company’s visibility in the media as well as sparking conversation and challenging the status quo, in the cybersecurity space. The elaboration of a corporate story played a key role in this so that the mission and vision of the company can be conveyed consistently.

Indeed, to understand the European level of awareness of cyber threats, long-term strategies for prevention and response, and assess the potential room for collaboration with technology companies; 
Hague led interviews with representatives of government and defence organisations in The Netherlands, France and at the EU level. These discussions led to very interesting exchanges between EclecticIQ and EU policy makers where EclecticIQ was able to advise and support efforts on topics such as European cybersecurity policies.

Fostering European cyber sovereignty

A cornerstone of EclecticIQ’s mission lies in a strengthened European sovereignty. From the abovementioned discussions, Hague supported EclecticIQ in advising European policymakers on concrete ways to safeguard and reinforce this sovereignty. Hague collaborated with EclecticIQ to organise meetings with the responsible decision-makers at EU institutions that were involved in the effort to revise the NIS Directive and the Permanent Representations of influential Member States. Hague also assisted EclecticIQ in packaging its recommendations to governments for implementing higher cybersecurity standards, in consistency with its corporate narrative. As a result, political negotiations concluded on the need to strengthen European sovereignty in cybersecurity, in line with the recommendations of EclecticIQ.

Recognition and engagement

European-born company, EclecticIQ’s goal was to elevate the international recognition of its expertise to demonstrate that sovereignty is possible and that quality alternatives to cybersecurity multinationals exist. Hague supported the development of a detailed customer mapping for EclecticIQ’s solutions in the government sector and carried out interviews to better outline EclecticIQ’s vision of cybersecurity, their needs, and their recommendations.

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