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A Tiny hydrogen house next to the parliament

Ten MP’s, twelve civil servants, one minister and four journalists. It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it’s actually the result of a three-day event which Hague Corporate Affairs organized on behalf of Intergas, a producer of heating boilers and hybrid heat pumps. By placing a tiny hydrogen house next to the Dutch parliament, circular construction and hydrogen hybrid heating systems were put on the political agenda.

The tiny hydrogen house project is a joint initiative of the Dutch province of Drenthe, six municipalities, high school Alfa College and Intergas. The event lasted three days. Each day had a different theme, which related to one of the partners involved. This format ensured that all organizations had the opportunity to address the lobby goals relevant to them. An ideal way to put a theme on the political agenda as accessible and efficient as possible.

Tuesday – Technical education

The first day focused on the importance of technical education. The shortage of technicians in the Netherlands is significant and, according to experts, the greatest challenge for the energy transition. South-East Drenthe is an active region with a lot of activity that presents itself through the Dutch Tech Zone as the main region for the European manufacturing industry.

On Tuesday, seven students and their supervisors were present in the hydrogen house to inform MPs about circular construction, assembly, and installation. This insight into a project of Alfa College demonstrated both directly and indirectly the importance of technical education in the province of Drenthe.

Wednesday - A sustainable built environment

The energy transition was the main theme of the second day, especially because there was a debate in Parliament on improving the sustainability of the built environment. The hydrogen house is completely self-sufficient and shows that hybrid heat pumps can heat a house in an affordable, comfortable, and sustainable way. By replacing natural gas with green hydrogen, households can eventually heat their homes in a completely climate-neutral way. The hybrid heat pump is therefore a concrete, applicable solution, which can play a major role in making houses and other buildings more sustainable.

Thursday – Regional infrastructure

On Thursday, the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure and Water Management held a debate. Therefore, civil servants and MPs from this committee were able to visit the Tiny House. Good public transport is necessary for the region to flourish, to enable innovation and to facilitate good education. This became clear during the many discussions held in the hydrogen house on the last day about the importance of the Lower Saxony line for the development of the Northeast of the Netherlands.

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