Power up your vote: How the EU elections can impact your energy bill

With the upcoming European elections drawing near and political attention shifting towards farmers’ protests, as discussed in our last blog, debates around the European Union’s (EU) energy policy have also undergone a notable shift. During the 2019 election campaign, climate and energy transition took center stage, fueled by movements like “Fridays for Future” led by […]

Towards a green EU? Not without Latin America

The European Union (EU) needs to strengthen its ties with Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to concretize the energy transition. The Spanish presidency to the EU – characterized by its strong focus on the EU’s international position and the strengthening of EU-LAC relations – took important steps to this end. This term, with crucial […]

The impact of climate change on global security

The impact of climate change on global security Insights from Gen (ret.) Stéphane Abrial Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our times. The issue goes beyond environmental concerns, and has far-reaching effects on livelihoods, health, geopolitical stability and migration. This has prone major nations to fast-track on the search for clean […]

Industrial policy is back in action

Industrial policy is back in action Is the Netherlands still an attractive location for businesses? Is the investment climate under pressure, as employer organisations claim? Is there enough room for the manufacturing industry, and how should that industry actually look like in 2030 or 2050 when we aim to be climate-neutral? We hear these questions […]

Energy transition gaining momentum: make sure you’re part of the debate in Brussels

Energy transition gaining momentum: make sure you’re part of the debate in Brussels The Russian invasion of Ukraine has seriously disrupted the European energy market. Brussels is preparing for the new reality. “Negotiations are now underway for a new set-up. As a corporation, make sure you come to the table, because policymakers need knowledge,” writes […]

French Presidential Elections: One month on

Debate on the French elections Hague Corporate Affairs

French Presidential Elections: One month on A lot has happened in French politics since the presidential elections of April: President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected for another five-year term, former labour Minister Elisabeth Borne was appointed Prime minister (only the second woman in French history in this position), and a new government took office. What is […]


Tiny Waterstofhuisje

A Tiny hydrogen house next to the parliament Ten MP’s, twelve civil servants, one minister and four journalists. It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it’s actually the result of a three-day event which Hague Corporate Affairs organized on behalf of Intergas, a producer of heating boilers and hybrid heat pumps. By […]

Do you know how to prepare for fit-for-55?

climate change global warming versus climate neutral by 2030

Met het Fit-for-55-pakket heeft de Europese Commissie een reeks ambitieuze initiatieven gelanceerd om de Europese industrie koolstofarmer te maken en om de emissie tegen 2030 met 55% te verminderen. Maar wat betekent dit concreet voor u? Laten we de plannen van de Europese Unie en de gevolgen ervan voor ondernemingen eens van dichtbij bekijken. On […]

Dutch Heating Industry


In the summer of 2019, five heating related industries officially united and formed the Dutch Heating Industry association. A new start for an important industry in the Netherlands. The collaboration ensures that the manufacturers of flue gas extraction systems, high-efficiency boilers, heat pumps and boilers can jointly be more vocal in the political and administrative […]