What will you be doing at Hague?

At Hague, I will mainly give strategic advice to our clients about European and geopolitical developments. Transitions towards sustainability will be central to this. My involvement will mainly focus on the EU level.

Why are organisations looking for this kind of advice?

Important decisions are made in boardrooms, and it is of utmost importance to bring the outside world inside. My colleagues at Hague and I achieve this by sharing knowledge, pointing out the consequences of the choices that are being made and promoting the importance of cooperation, advocacy, and coalition building. First look at what you have to offer and then start asking; not the other way around.

Why did you say ‘yes’ to the request to become Associate Partner at Hague?

I was happy to say yes to Hague, and that was all about the mindset and quality of the organisation, the cooperation with driven young professionals and the excellent ambience within the team.

Jan Peter Balkenende

What knowledge and experience do you bring to Hague’s clients?

Political knowledge and experience at local, regional, national, and international levels. A scientific background and likewise, a keen interest in all scientific related issues. Business experience, especially on corporate responsibility. And an extensive network.

You have been a long-time advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals. What is your message to European businesses?

Connect your own activities directly to the SDGs, to climate agreements and to the concept of a circular economy. Take a systematic approach and aim to be a frontrunner. Don’t start with objections but think about opportunities. There is a lot more that we can do.