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After 100 years, convention and exhibition centre Jaarbeurs wants to renovate its current location in Utrecht. It was up to Hague to ensure that the master plan for the new Jaarbeurs was embraced by the city of Utrecht.

The master plan, drawn up by renowned architect Winy Maas of MVRDV, covers not only a new and contemporary design for the venue Jaarbeurs, but also for the development of the entire city area around it. On the ‘forgotten’ side of the Central Station, this will create an attractive new area to experience, live and work in.

Jaarbeurs CEO Albert Arp expects to be able to meet all the wishes of current and future customers and visitors, and the residents of Utrecht.

“We want to help build an attractive city in which liveability and sustainability are the central pillars.”

Such a large project does not come about without support from all relevant stakeholders. This requires communication and influencing: a corporate affairs approach.


Hague mapped out all relevant stakeholders for Jaarbeurs, formulated the key messages for the various target groups and determined the communication and PA strategy. We coordinated the communication between the municipality of Utrecht, the architectural firm MVRDV and the area developer and translated the core messages into various products, including a website, video and social media content.

On 3 December 2019, the Utrecht city government received the master plan. The press conference and media approach generated regional, national and even international attention. Subsequent stakeholder meetings were well attended and formed a solid basis for the next phase in the process: the creation of an environmental vision, in which stakeholder participation will play a major role.

fd jaarbeursterrein moet hippe stadswijk worden

Many media reports about the plans

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