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Hague is fascinated by the current transitions our society is experiencing, in all sectors. The food transition is particularly important as we need to move towards more sustainable and healthy diets which are good for the people and the planet.

Plant-based foods have the potential to make a tremendous impact on the sustainability of our diets, and all the actors supporting the promotion and development of the sector should work together to put them at the heart of EU food policy.

This is the ultimate mission of the European Alliance for Plant-based Foods (EAPF).
Established and managed by Hague Corporate Affairs and Fjutjer, EAPF is the only European multi-stakeholder coalition representing the plant-based movement, gathering organisations from different backgrounds: industry (e.g. Upfield, Oatly, Nestlé, Beyond Meat), NGOs (e.g the Good Food Institute Europe, ProVeg International), and the medical community (the European Medical Association). EAPF advocates for plant-based foods to play a central role in the EU’s ambition to promote sustainable food systems and work towards carbon neutrality.

Since its launch, EAPF has been actively involved in advocacy activities on political issues of crucial importance for the plant-based food sector, such as food denominations. In this regard, EAPF led joint advocacy and communication actions in the context of the campaigns #StandUpForPlantBased and #StopPlantBasedCensorship, which respectively opposed a potential ban on the use of meat and dairy terms for plant-based products (e.g. expressions such as “veggie burgers” and “plant-based alternative to yoghurt”). The Alliance managed to gather support from almost 100 organisations cross-cutting the plant-based food value chain, in a joint letter addressed to EU policymakers, conveying with a unified voice the need to reject policies that would prevent the uptake of more sustainable and healthy diets in which plant-based foods play a key role.

In just a few months, EAPF became a recognised and relevant voice in the EU food and sustainability debate. The Secretariat, led by EAPF Founder and Secretary General Siska Pottie, also participates in events, promoting the perspective of the plant-based food value chain. 

Read more on Change.Inc: Wordt amandeldrink ‘lactosevrij’ noemen straks verboden? Niet als het aan deze lobby ligt

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