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European Affairs Officer

Sandrine Lauret

With 12+ experience in public affairs, Sandrine helps our clients navigate the maze of policymaking and leave their mark on the policy-making process at EU level and in France.

As Partner of Hague, she brings the French dimension to our public affairs and communication campaigns. Combining her solid expertise in the French and EU decision-making processes and her network, she has been involved from the start in the development of our EU office and is leading our internationalisation journey towards France. She supports organisations in need of corporate affairs guidance on market and societal transitions on both fronts.

Sandrine is fascinated by change as it brings about disruption, challenges and opportunities. Whether in technology, products or behaviours, even the smallest changes reflect how far society has come and is willing to go. Politics and policy-making are benchmarks for such adaptation. Being part of the process that contributes to moving the lines, heightening the standards and setting new references; that is Sandrine’s thrill.


Sandrine delved into different aspects of politics throughout her studies. After a Master’s degree on European Affairs at the Sorbonne University, she broadened the scope to international politics and diplomacy at the University of Kent.

She started her career as European Affairs officer at the European Salt Producers’ Association (EUsalt). Over several years, she developed growing interest and expertise in
energy and environmental policies. Building on this knowledge, she moved on to the consultancy world, working with various organisations from corporations to NGOs, to public authorities. She joined Hague Corporate Affairs 6 years ago working for various clients from multinationals to stakeholder alliances.