The EU’s leadership in shaping the drone sector

Drones represent a significant technological breakthrough that brings both exciting opportunities and complex challenges for the European Union. In recent years, we have seen a surge in drone usage across sectors from security to transportation and agriculture. That signals a critical need for the EU to harmonise its drone policies to foster the development of […]

Leveraging the added value of the cloud

Leveraging the added value of the cloud The data revolution is in full swing. Every aspect of our society is digitizing at record speed, and several European countries, such as the Netherlands, are leading in developing digital infrastructure. This enables us to gather large amounts of data in order to provide meaningful data analyses. However, […]

Industrial policy is back in action

Industrial policy is back in action Is the Netherlands still an attractive location for businesses? Is the investment climate under pressure, as employer organisations claim? Is there enough room for the manufacturing industry, and how should that industry actually look like in 2030 or 2050 when we aim to be climate-neutral? We hear these questions […]


The digitalisation of our society is spreading fast, and along with it is our vulnerability to cyber threats. EclecticIQ is a European pioneer and frontrunner in cyber-threat intelligence technology and research. The company is on a mission to put cybersecurity on top of the mind of governments, businesses and citizens alike. EclecticIQ calls for a […]

How the Netherlands is better protected by the NIS2 Directive

How the Netherlands is better protected by the NIS2 Directive With the national implementation of the NIS2 Directive, the Netherlands is better protected against cyber attacks . And an excellent opportunity to also properly embed the security of our bridges, factories, rail links and hospitals (so-called Operational Technology), observes Hague advisor Pieter Hanson. The implementation […]

4 critical steps to handle a data-breach crisis

4 critical steps to handle a data-breach crisis If you ask a CEO what event could cause the most harm to their business, it is a great chance that a data breach ranks quite high on the list of concerns. More often, the most harmful impact of a data breach does not relate to the […]

Hague Corporate Affairs bolsters Reputation Management team with Marion Banide


Hague Corporate Affairs announced the hire of Marion Banide, who joins the European consultancy’s Corporate Communications team as Account Director, specialised in reputation management and financial communications. Based in Amsterdam, Marion Banide will be working closely with Frits Hendrikx, Director of Corporate Communications. She has spent the past seven years advising prominent City-based corporates and […]

Dick Berlijn new Associate Partner Hague Corporate Affairs

dick berlijn

As of 1 March 2021, general rtd. Dick Berlijn joined Hague Corporate Affairs as Associate Partner. As Associate Partner, Berlijn will focus on complex issues in the areas of digital security, defense, crisis and risk management, and leadership. As Commander of the Armed Forces, Dick Berlijn (70) was in charge of the Dutch armed forces […]

Farm to Fork Strategy: Opportunities for Dutch Agri-tech Companies

Dutch farmers

Worldwide, farmers and food producers are facing increasing challenges. They are required to produce more high-quality products with fewer inputs whilst also protecting the environment. Soon (20 May 2020), the European Commission will present its Farm to Fork Strategy with clear targets to reduce the use harmful pesticides and fertilisers, for instance. The Strategy is […]