Farmer Protests: When sustainability collides with economic reality- Part 3

Cultivating the resilience of the sector through innovation. The agri-food sector stands out as one of the most dynamic fields in terms of research and the adoption of advanced technologies, with a key goal of optimising land use while developing more productive, nutritious crops.   In urban areas, vertical farming is emerging to address space […]

Farmer Protests: When sustainability collides with economic reality- Part 2 

Empowering consumers to make sustainable food choices   In today’s market, price remains the primary driver of consumer purchasing decisions. As previously mentioned, the increased costs associated with sustainability should logically result in higher prices for consumers. However, these elevated prices can pose barriers for low-income individuals seeking access to healthier and more environmentally friendly […]

Farmer Protests: When sustainability collides with economic reality- Part 1

Solving the dilemma between affordability, profitability, and sustainability The sourcing of sustainable, ethically produced food often incurs higher costs due to increased investment in sustainable farming methods, certification fees and limited economies of scale (from reduced yields). Additionally, the unpredictability of weather patterns contributes to supply uncertainty, further burdening farmers committed to responsible farming practices. […]

Towards a green EU? Not without Latin America

The European Union (EU) needs to strengthen its ties with Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to concretize the energy transition. The Spanish presidency to the EU – characterized by its strong focus on the EU’s international position and the strengthening of EU-LAC relations – took important steps to this end. This term, with crucial […]

The EU-CELAC Summit – A first step to renew a complicated relation 


The EU-CELAC Summit: A first step to renew a complicated relation On 17 and 18 July 2023, the third EU-CELAC summit “Renewing the bi-regional partnership to strengthen peace and sustainable development” took place in Brussels under the Spanish Presidency of the Council and gathered leaders from the EU institutions, the EU member states, and the […]

French Presidential Elections: One month on

Debate on the French elections Hague Corporate Affairs

French Presidential Elections: One month on A lot has happened in French politics since the presidential elections of April: President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected for another five-year term, former labour Minister Elisabeth Borne was appointed Prime minister (only the second woman in French history in this position), and a new government took office. What is […]

Food systems, the missing puzzle piece of COP26

The United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow was set to be a landmark on global climate policy. The international community gathered for two weeks in the Scottish city to take stock of the progress made on the Paris Agreement. The main objective was to step up countries’ commitments to […]

How the plant-based food sector can help Europe achieve a sustainable future

Attilio Caligiani is Partner at the Brussels office of Hague Corporate Affairs and Siska Pottie is the Founder and Secretary General of the European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods (EAPF). Together they wrote this blog about how the plant-based food sector can help Europe achieve a sustainable future and how organisations and experts can help with […]

European Alliance for Plant-based Foods

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Hague is fascinated by the current transitions our society is experiencing, in all sectors. The food transition is particularly important as we need to move towards more sustainable and healthy diets which are good for the people and the planet. Plant-based foods have the potential to make a tremendous impact on the sustainability of our […]