1 March 2022

Hague strengthens French foothold with the appointment of French Director Sandrine Lauret

Sandrine Lauret, a public affairs expert, will drive Hague’s ambitions and further entrench the Hague brand in France.

Sandrine Lauret becomes Director of Hague France Conseil, the French affiliate of Hague Corporate Affairs (“Hague”). With offices in the Hague, Amsterdam and Brussels, Hague confirms its ambitions to become the most international boutique agency with the appointment of Sandrine in Paris. Drawing on her 12-year experience providing strategic corporate affairs advice to French and international companies on national and European policies, Sandrine Lauret will take on a leading role in driving the company’s growth in Paris.

“I am thrilled to lead this important chapter in the expansion of Hague. France is a dynamic and innovative market, a front runner in many strategic sectors and an influential Member State of the European Union. However, navigating the French legal and economic ecosystem may present hurdles for French and non-French businesses looking to grasp these growth opportunities. Hague France Conseil strives to support these companies achieving their goals in France by providing high-level public affairs and communication guidance”.

A French national, Sandrine boasts in-depth knowledge of inner workings of European and French policymaking. She started her career in Brussels, at the time when the European Union was crafting flagship energy and climate legislation that would shape political commitment to today’s important transitions. She built solid expertise in EU policies advising industry as part of the European Salt Producers’ Association (EUsalt), before exploring the world of consultancy and supporting companies in various sectors.

When she joined Hague four years ago, she supported her clients at the EU level in getting acquainted with the intricacies of the European Green deal while advising them on their advocacy strategy. She was also heavily involved from the start in the international development of Hague in France, with the aim to cater for the increased need for corporate affairs guidance from French-based organisations on market and societal transitions.

As Director of Hague France Conseil, Sandrine’s mission is to consolidate and expand Hague’s presence in France. To do that, she will count on the support of a remarkable team made up of former chief of the French Air Force, Gen. Stéphane Abrial, former ambassador of the Netherlands to France, M. Ed Kronenburg, and corporate communications account director, Ms. Marion Banide

Sandrine Lauret
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