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Marion Banide

Marion is Account Director at Hague Corporate Affairs.

Marion is a diligent consultant with international experience, and advocates a holistic approach to communication. No company, small or large, operates in isolation. Today, organisations are inter-connected in ways unseen before.

Yet, every organisation is different. Corporate ethics and values are shaped by culture, language, history, political and social views. Like any other individual, companies have their unique DNA, their unique story. Marion believes that it is her responsibility, as media adviser, to listen to it. To immerse herself in the story and to communicate it back to all stakeholders in the most accurate and inspiring way.


A French national, Marion is a dynamic consultant with over six years’ experience practising corporate communications and reputation management in London. She has always been interested in the inner workings of global organisations and the dynamics at play behind their successes and setbacks.

She supports prominent companies and individuals in preparing, managing and recovering from reputational crisis arising from high-stake economic, legal, and political situations. Marion has also extensive experience in the world of finance and capital markets, advising major private institutional investors in their corporate communications strategies in Europe and the United States.