Towards a Digital Euro – are you ready to shape the future of financial services?

digitale valuta

The entrance of this digital euro and its related financial policies will change the financial sector dramatically. Hence, it will be essential for FinTech organisations or credit institutions to monitor and identify policy risks and opportunities for your business operations. Together with the experts of Hague Corporate Affairs your organisation is ready for this future. […]

Pressure on CEO’s is increasing

CEO tekst

“Ceo’s around the world are struggling more than ever with their role” was the title of a recently published article in the Financial Times (FD). CEO’s are being put under pressure from all sides. Governments expect them to solve major societal issues, such as global warming. Shareholders want more sustainable busines models, but also a […]

Former Chief of the French Air Force, General (ret.) Stéphane Abrial, joins Hague Corporate Affairs as Associate Partner

Stephane Abrial

Former Chief of the French Air Force, General (ret.) Stéphane Abrial, joins Hague Corporate Affairs as Associate Partner. From Hague’s French office, he will provide clients with strategic advice on political and technical developments in the fields of defence and security, industrial policy and innovation, at both national and international levels. After an exemplary career […]

Hague Corporate Affairs bolsters Reputation Management team with Marion Banide


Hague Corporate Affairs announced the hire of Marion Banide, who joins the European consultancy’s Corporate Communications team as Account Director, specialised in reputation management and financial communications. Based in Amsterdam, Marion Banide will be working closely with Frits Hendrikx, Director of Corporate Communications. She has spent the past seven years advising prominent City-based corporates and […]

Dick Berlijn new Associate Partner Hague Corporate Affairs

dick berlijn

As of 1 March 2021, general rtd. Dick Berlijn joined Hague Corporate Affairs as Associate Partner. As Associate Partner, Berlijn will focus on complex issues in the areas of digital security, defense, crisis and risk management, and leadership. As Commander of the Armed Forces, Dick Berlijn (70) was in charge of the Dutch armed forces […]