Senior Advisor




Vereniging van Effectenbezitters

Pieter Hanson

Pieter works as a senior advisor at Hague, where he focuses on stakeholder research and advising on public affairs and communication strategies. His clients are mainly active in the fields of high tech and digital services.

Pieter argues that an effective lobby strategy consists of thorough substantive research, accounting for relevant social-cultural debates, and the continuous incorporation of new market knowledge and policy-related expertise. After all, successful representation of interests increasingly relies on finding (and building on) shared interests with governments and other stakeholders.


Pieter successfully attended the School of Journalism in Zwolle. After this, he studied contemporary history and history of international relations at the University of Groningen and the University of Amsterdam.

Pieter started his career as a trainee at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he also worked at Hague for two years as a junior consultant. After this, he was a PA advisor at the Dutch Investors’ Association VEB and European Investors, where he represented the interests of private investors in The Hague and Brussels. Pieter also represented VEB at large shareholders’ meetings in France and Germany, and he led a media campaign in South-Africa related to a class action for duped investors.

After that, Pieter worked as a policy advisor for two years at FME, the business association for the Dutch technological industry. At FME he was responsible for the policy dossiers with regard to (European) industrial policy, innovation, space economy, China, defense and geopolitics/technology. Against this background, he wrote, amongst others, the China strategy of the FME and a policy agenda for strategic technological and industrial policy.

Technology and Energy Desk

Pieter joined Hague’s energy desk, mainly because of his interest in transitions and industrial and geopolitical issues. Energy is one of the strategic areas in which the Netherlands and Europe ought to become more autonomous, in part by better assuring their security of supply. Having your own clean energy production is key in achieving this. 

In doing so, Pieter further builds on the experience he gained at investor association VEB and FME, the business association of the technology sector. In recent years, he has acquired knowledge about the financing of the energy transition and the corporate reporting on it, but also about the existing opportunities and the challenges faced by large industrial companies. 

Pieter’s area of expertise is renewable energy, sustainable mobility, strategic raw materials, (European) industrial policy and energy saving obligations. Pieter currently works for DOW Terneuzen and OCI, among others.