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Gemeente Rijswijk

Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz

Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz is Senior Advisor at Hague.

With her experience in politics and governance, sustainability and energy, international cooperation, the Arab world and migration, and trade and construction, she provides both substantive and administrative guidance which is essential for securing a place at the table and to have a positive influence on policy making.


Marloes has a lot of political experience on the governance level. She has been, among other things, a councilor and group chairman (GroenLinks Rijswijk). Furthermore, she advises corporates, SMEs, and organisations on subjects such as energy transition, trade, and international cooperation.

Energy Desk

Marloes joined Hague’s energy desk for the very reason of contributing from intrinsic motivation to turn the energy transition into an opportunity. For the company, customers, our children and the world around us.  

In shaping the energy transition sustainably, exchange and connection between businesses, the government and others, such as knowledge institutes, is a must. Because Marloes has combined her work in business with being politically active, she can further colour and shape that interplay in strategy and networking. 

Marloes offers expertise in renewable energy, the heat transition, sustainable mobility and industrial CO2 (and other greenhouse gas) reduction. She has the ability to implement this expertise nationally, regionally and locally. She currently does so for Gasunie, OCI and Nature Energy.