Alex Klein

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Alex Klein is a consultant at Hague Corporate Affairs. He works for multiple clients on the crossroads of politics and business.

Alex is an expert in the area of influence and knows how complex messages can be made persuasive for various stakeholders. Persuasion starts with understanding your audience: only if you completely understand they way they think you can start changing their opinion. When someone communicates under the assumption that only he is right, he will have a hard time finding allies.

Alex believes in a true corporate affairs approach: not just formulating a compelling message with the client, but also engaging in a strategic discussion about the message itself.


Alex Klein


Alex was formerly a partner at training company Debat.NL, where he applied the art of persuasion at the highest levels. He worked as a trainer, coach and speechwriter for Dutch and international businesses and helped politicians to properly communicate difficult messages.

Alex studied Political Science with a Masters Degree in Political Philosophy at Leiden University. When he is not working, he volunteers at a local association that works with young people.