Associate Partner
Hague Corporate Affairs


Lawyer and Managing Partner
Lexpi CL

2021- 2023

of Ecuador to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Head of Mission of Ecuador to the European Union.

2017- 2021

Lexvalor Abogados

1995 - 2017

Peñaherrera & Ponce Abogados

2014- 2021

Board member

2014- 2021

Board member
Casabaca S.A.

Hernán Enrique Ponce Aray

Hernán Ponce Aray is Associate Partner at Hague Corporate Affairs. He supports Hague’s Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) clients’ advocacy to the European Union (EU) institutions and European non-institutional stakeholders, as well as advises international clients in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Following a long career as a lawyer and legal advisor for several national and multinational corporations, Dr. Hernán Ponce Aray was appointed Ambassador of Ecuador to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Head of Mission of Ecuador to the European Union. In his role as Ambassador, he successfully achieved significant objectives on behalf of the Republic of Ecuador, which were widely recognized by the European Commission and Parliament.

I am glad to join Hague’s team, using my legal and diplomatic expertise to advocate for the interest of LAC companies before European institutions and stakeholders. Strong relations between LAC and the EU are crucial for promoting trade and investment, offering companies opportunities to access new markets and resources on both regions”.


A seasoned lawyer, Hernán Ponce Aray embarked on his legal career in 1988. Throughout his career, he has practiced law individually and as a partner in different law firms in Ecuador and currently, after completing his public service as Ambassador, has rejoined Lexpi CL (Abogados) as Lawyer and Managing Partner.

Throughout his tenure, he has been deeply engaged in legal affairs within multinational corporations, serving as Advisor and Director of Legal Affairs for companies operating in Ecuador and internationally. His expertise spans diverse fields, including corporate law, intellectual property, and arbitration. In 1997, he co-authored Ecuador’s Intellectual Property Law, showcasing his pivotal role in legal reform, and in 2021 he co-drafted the Code of Ethics of the National Government.

Ponce Aray’s distinguished career also extends to the public sector, notably as Ecuador’s Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, and Head of Mission to the European Union until November 2023. Additionally, he has held prominent roles within the Directories of very important companies, as well as in the Chamber of Commerce of Quito and the Salvar Vidas Foundation ®. With his vast experience, Ponce Aray remains a sought-after consultant for private and public institutions, contributing significantly to legal and public affairs.