Hague and Lowick team up to launch a Joint Brexit Desk.

Brexit brought political, economic and societal turmoil. Uncertainty still surrounds the UK withdrawal from the EU as well as the post-departure ties between the two. Whatever the legal framework chosen to shape the EU-UK future economic relations, it will eminently entail consequences affecting business on both sides.

In this unparallel context, Lowick and Hague Corporate Affairs took the strategic decision to join forces.


The Lowick-Hague Partnership will help organisations headquartered in the UK to:

Hague Corporate Affairs

Peter ter Horst – Managing Partner
Email: terhorst@hague.company

Vincent Nieuwelink – Partner Email: nieuwelink@hague.company Phone: +31 (0)70 2400832 / +32 (0)2 7863 041

Lowick Group

Kevin McKeever – Managing Director
Email: kevin.mckeever@lowickgroup.com

Matthew Faulding – Director Email: matthew.faulding@lowickgroup.com Phone: +44 20 3743 6246

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