Hague Corporate Affairs

Bas Schaasberg

Bas Schaasberg is an intern at Hague Corporate Affairs.

As part of the internship team, Bas is an important part of monitoring the outside world. He ensures that news are monitored promptly and thoroughly every morning, follows relevant debates, and prefers to inform colleagues first about significant developments in the news or politics.
His passion for politics and public issues was sparked in his youth and has only grown ever since. What began as occasionally following the news, has now become a hobby for which he uses his phone more often than for social media. In addition to his interest in Dutch politics, Bas is also passionate in European and geopolitical events.


Bas is currently studying European Studies at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht. His focus during his studies was on technology, sustainability, and international developments. By focusing on these, he gained insight into policy making, the European Union, stakeholders, and international relations. This combination of studies further sparked his interest in politics, government relations and sustainability. With his enthusiasm and growing skills, Bas decided to pursue an internship at Hague Corporate Affairs. His goal? To learn how to use these academic skills in the dynamic national political arena.