Junior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs


Hague Corporate Affairs


Coebergh Communicatie & PR

Xanne Zellenrath

Xanne is Junior Advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs.

As Junior Advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs, Xanne is the extra pair of eyes and ears in the political and social landscape. She monitors current events in the media and politics on a daily basis and translates this into concrete actions for our clients.

Because Xanne is interested in the relationship between media, politics, and society, she is the right person at the right place at Hague. With a good dose of enthusiasm, she brings together the different perspectives in an article, presentation, or report. As a Human of Hague, she knows how to connect the content with the personal aspects.


Xanne studied European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She extended her educational career with an exchange to France where she obtained a certificate in political science from the renowned Science Po Lille. After her bachelor she continued her studies abroad. She graduated from the University of Antwerp with a master’s degree in Political Communication, where she specialized in political psychology and influence. In addition to her studies, Xanne has gained work experience in PR and communication, has done volunteer work at home and abroad and has participated in Model United Nations several times. Before becoming a Junior, Xanne learned the tricks of the trade as an intern at Hague.

Through Xanne’s broad interests and curiosity, she helps clients approach a subject from different perspectives. Her analytical skills and structured way of working ensure that she is able to simplify challenges in no time.