Hague Corporate Affairs

Valentijn van Rossum

Valentijn is an intern at Hague Corporate Affairs.

In its current role, Valentijn plays a crucial role in monitoring the most recent political and societal developments. He ensures that news are monitored promptly and thoroughly every morning, follows relevant debates, and prefers to inform colleagues first about significant developments in the news or politics. Political and societal developments have piqued his interest from a young age, both nationally and internationally. He finds it interesting to follow files related to geopolitical developments. His antenna for that comes in handy.

Valentijn is enthusiastic about public affairs and strategic communication and driven to learn as much as possible during his internship.


Valentijn has a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Amsterdam, where he focused on the history of international relations. He then pursued a master’s degree in international relations at the same university, specializing in public affairs and the political economy of energy. During his internship, Valentijn is writing his master’s thesis on the political-economic impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on the energy relationship with Kazakhstan. Before joining Hague, he gained experience in the security and hospitality sectors, where customer focus and alertness were always a priority.