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Tessa Boogaard

Tessa Boogaard is an employee of the Digital Office, Marketing, and Relationship Management at Hague.

Tessa is not only skilled in managing digital processes and marketing strategies for Hague, but her social skills also make her excellent at maintaining valuable relationships with both clients and team members.

“I work in various areas at Hague, both in front and behind the scenes. I draw a lot of energy from marketing and how we, at Hague, engage with our stakeholders through platforms like social media. Additionally, I am well-organised and precise. These qualities help me in my responsibility to effectively organise and maintain Hague’s digital office,” says Tessa.


Tessa studied Creative Business at Hogeschool InHolland in The Hague. Within this study, her passion for event management also emerged, leading her to pursue a minor in this field.

Tessa has extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Her years of experience in hospitality have equipped her with a deep understanding of hard work, collegiality, and communication skills. Tessa understands like no other how essential it is to be customer-focused and to build relationships that bring more than just business transactions.