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Stuart Lambie

Stuart Lambie has more than 30 years’ experience, working internationally across many countries and cultures in the agri-industry. He is a Strategic Advisor at Hague.

Stuart’s career in industry has involved management roles in many areas including sales management, consultancy, sustainability and Public Affairs. As a former Public Affairs Manager for a leading company in the global horticultural sector, Stuart has personal experience of the policy making and regulatory world from an industry perspective. He has worked together with both national and EU institutions as well as other stakeholder groups, promoting industry’s interest and helping to shape regulation.

He is very conscious of the need to simplify communication around the often complex messages relating to policy and regulation, keeping people updated on developments and enabling them to quickly grasp the most important details and make informed decisions.


Stuart is passionate about finding solutions which address global challenges, whether that be in the area of food production, human health or the wider environment. In addition, Stuart enjoys putting a smile on the face of those he works with, believing that work should be taken seriously but should also be a lot of fun. Working with a culturally diverse range of colleagues and clients is something Stuart places a high value on, bringing together different approaches and perspectives and translating them into meaningful actions and initiatives.

Stuart is Scottish by birth but an internationalist by nature. In his spare time, he enjoys long distance running and combines this with fundraising for a charity supporting research into Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia related illnesses.