Comms Business Partner Unit manager
Ingka Holding (IKEA)


Head of Communications
Blokker Holding


z-mex/Maas de Vries


Head of Public Affairs & Communications
Coca-Cola Netherlands



Sandra Maas

Sandra is Managing Director at Hague. She manages our organisation and advises various clients.

According to Sandra, companies that proactively contribute to solutions for environmental and social issues are tomorrow’s winners. She is convinced that these companies ultimately make more profits, have more influence, are relevant to more clients and attract more talent. ‘Trust is the most important currency. Trust is strengthened through open communication about the good and the not-so-good and by having a positive impact on society’. The ability to look ahead and know which political and social issues are and will become important (forecasting) is also essential. She enjoys helping clients to communicate with more conviction and to forecast even better what is and will become relevant for various stakeholders. This is why she enjoys working at Hague Corporate Affairs.

As Managing Director, Sandra manages the organisation. The combination of young, talented colleagues with the experienced consultants and partners makes Hague a unique workplace. Every day she invests in knowledge sharing, attracting, and developing top talent and further professionalising the organization.

In her free time, Sandra enjoys travel adventures with her family and friends. She loves reading, beach and sea
and furniture makeover.. Every year she has the intention to obtain her boating license and improve her sailing skills. Someday it will happen…


Sandra has worked at several leading Dutch and international companies in her career. She has been board spokesperson at KLM, Head of Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola and Head of Communications at Blokker Holding. Sandra founded her own reputation management and corporate communications consultancy, where she advised clients such as Kellogg’s, NOS, Strukton, Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing and SkyTeam alliance. Prior to her work at Hague, she led the Global Communications Business Partner Unit for Ingka Holding (IKEA). She was also a board member of Vereniging Natuurmonumenten (Society for Nature Conservation) for 8 years.