Hague Corporate Affairs

2021 - 2023

Element NL

2020 - 2021

Board Member
Pensioenfonds ABP


Secretary of State for Finance
Ministry of Finance


Executive Director
International Monetary Fund

1995 - 2009

Ministry of Finance

Menno Snel

Menno Snel is a Partner at Hague Corporate Affairs.

Menno Snel is a partner at Hague Corporate Affairs. Snel will advise both national and international clients of Hague on the major transitions of our time with a particular focus on energy, sustainability, technology and finance. He co-leads our team of consultants across our hubs. Menno Snel has had a long and impressive career.

Menno: “Hague is a young, fast-growing company that has made a name for itself both in the Netherlands and abroad in just a few years. Hague builds bridges between business and government, between practice and policy. With my experience on both sides, I think I can contribute to that.”


Menno Snel has had a long and impressive career. He studied general economics in Groningen and became Deputy Director-General of Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance at the age of 33. Subsequently, he worked as Director of Strategy at the pension fund APG and served as the Dutch Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund in Washington for five years. After a period as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NWB Bank (Water Authorities Bank), he became the Secretary of State for Finance in the Rutte III cabinet. 

Recently, he served as a board member of pension fund ABP, chairman of the supervisory board at ship building company Royal IHC, and president of Element NL, the association for energy from Dutch soil. In addition to his role at Hague Corporate Affairs, he is also the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), chairman of the board of the National Green Fund, chairman of the scientific institute of D66 (van Mierlo Foundation), and a special envoy of the government to make the financing climate for SME in the Netherlands the best in Europe.